Community Supported Agriculture

CSAs came about so that farmers and customers could form a relationship. In the CSA model, customers share in the risks and rewards of farming by committing to a share of food from the farm throughout a designated season and paying for it in advance. This helps the farmer with cash up front to to invest into the farm and to know how much food to produce. The customer acknowledges that some crops might fail during the season, but that others will flourish and agrees to share in the bounty of what does well! We reward our loyal CSA customers by making sure they get at least 10% more produce than they paid for!

What We Love about our CSA

Part of what drives us to produce great food is knowing who eats it. As a CSA member, you can pick your share up on farm, get to know us, and watch the farm evolve throughout the season. You deserve to know who grows your food and how they do it.

Eating seasonally can be confusing when you’re shopping at a store that sources from anywhere. When you join our CSA, you let us show you what is in season in your food-shed. This means you’re eating foods when they are most ripe, fresh and nutritious, and lets you get in touch with your local environment. We find eating seasonally to feel so natural— let us shower you in so many juicy, flavorful tomatoes in the summer that you won’t even want those mealy store-bought ones in the winter. Eat greens that are crisp and packed with a punch instead of ones that turn to mush in a couple days.

Satisfy your sweet tooth! We are a brand new farm, and a lot of fruits take a while to get going, but we’re putting in a small orchard, rhubarb, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. We also plant canteloupes and French Charentais-type melons. For 2019 you can expect to get some strawberries and melons in addition to your veggies, and hopefully a few raspberries. More fruit to come in future years.

We offer two share sizes so that you can decide how much produce you need. We also offer flex-shares because we know you deserve a summer vacation! These shares offer two fewer weeks of pick-up so you don’t have to pay for produce you won’t be around to eat.



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