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Human Scale

At Sungrounded Farm, we farm on a scale that makes sense for people, not machines.

This means:

  • We crop just over one acre of ground.

  • We do not use a traditional tractor, but instead use a two wheel, walk-behind tractor to reduce compaction.

  • We till as little as possible in order to leave the soil biology intact and not invert the soil profile.

  • We use appropriate technology to grow a lot of food in a small space— we care for our soil and plant in permanent raised beds so we can grow more food in a small space rather than cropping more ground.

    Healthy Food comes from Healthy Soil

Our Growing Practices

Farming with our hands.

One of our favorite parts of farming is playing in the dirt! We use innovative technologies to make ourselves as efficient as possible, but most of the work on the farm is done by hand. Because we’re small, we spend our days sowing seeds, transplanting starts, hoeing weeds, and harvesting crops with our trusty knives. This means we get to know each and every plant and care for it well.

Using synthetic fertilizers and chemicals is detrimental to the soil biome we are creating.

This means that we don’t use them!

We feed our plants with compost and organic soil amendments. We promote biodiversity by growing many types of crops, planting hedgerows providing habitat for beneficial insects. We only intervene with natural methods when absolutely necessary, and never with commercial pesticides. We are dedicated to being good stewards of our land.