Pasture Raised Eggs



You can now buy Sungrounded Eggs at the Wednesday Bend Downtown Farmer’s Market, the Northwest Crossing Saturday Market, and on farm from 2-7pm every Thursday.

Chickens play a big role in the sustainability of our farm! Our 50 hens live in an ‘eggmobile’ built on a trailer that we move around the pasture regularly. They are shut in to perch at night (to keep them safe) and let out in the morning to forage. The ability to forage freely has been shown to maintain a healthier flock, and produce eggs with a naturally rich orange yolk, just the way we like them! We supplement their diet with haystack natural layer feed, a locally milled soy-free chicken feed. This feed is not certified organic, but the pasture our hens are on is never sprayed with chemicals and we do not use antibiotics on our flock.

Their foraging also helps mow our grass, and they’re even kind enough to fertilize it organically as they go. We compost their bedding from the coop and use it around the farm to add nutrients back into the soil.


Young gals learning about the great outdoors for the first time.